Project: Shop Stewards Alliance Support

Shop Stewards Alliance Support

The Shop Stewards Alliance Support Project supports UNI Global Union and its affiliates in sub-Saharan Africa to strengthen and inform their bargaining processes and build cross-border alliances. Through our research and facilitation support provided in shop stewards alliance meetings, trade unions learn more about how companies are performing, how much bosses earn and the strategies for corporate, expansion and technology. Our support helps unions in shop steward alliances, including Pick n Pay, Shoprite/Checkers, Massmart/Walmart and South African Energy Network, to strengthen their bargaining processes and improve overall outcomes for workers.  As part of the Shop Stewards Alliance Support, the LRS developed AGREED, an online database of collective bargaining agreements and global framework agreements.

Pick n Pay Shop Stewards' Alliance 2023

This video takes a look at Pick n Pay’s developments over the course of the 2023 financial year.

Key project contact: Dr Salomé Teuteberg | [email protected]

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