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Bargaining Indicators Online provides

trade union negotiators with benchmarks and economic indicators for collective bargaining.

Knowledge is too important to leave in the hands of the bosses

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Questions and answers about the national minimum wage review – An interview with Trenton Elsely, Commissioner, National Minimum Wage Commission

“The minimum wage is a victory for ultra-low wage workers. We have an established floor where there was none before, and we can raise that floor and ensure that no worker is left behind,” says Trenton Elsely, Commissioner, National Minimum Wage Commission.

An introduction to the Decent Standard of Living threshold and the Decent Standard of Living Index

What does a decent life in South Africa look like? You will learn:

  • how we attempted to quantify in monetary terms a DSL threshold
  • how we updated the DSL threshold amounts to 2018 amounts using a DSL Index (our modification of the CPI)
  • the possible uses of the DSL study
  • how to take the study forward.

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