Service: Collective Bargaining & Organising Support

Collective Bargaining & Organising Support

LRS supports trade union collective bargaining and organising. Our work influences wage policy formation in South Africa. Our work helps unions develop a voice on key themes in the changing world of work.

We provide research, information, and learning interventions to worker organisations:

Forums, workshops and webinars

We analyse contemporary trends in collective bargaining through forums and workshops for trade union representatives. Worker representatives receive up-to-date information and strategic advice, helping them engage in informed collective bargaining and organising.

Bargaining for gender equity

We support a gendered approach in collective bargaining by providing education and resources to help unions develop women negotiators and achieve gender-specific outcomes.

Online tools for workers

We develop online resources and tools for worker organisations and researchers, including the AGREED and AWARD databases and the LRS Wage Calculator.


A suite of resources for negotiators seeking to update their strategies in response to work reorganisation, retrenchments, restructuring, and increasing job insecurity, is located on this website.

Voices from the ground

Key resources

LRS Agreements Database (AGREED) - A repository of collective bargaining agreements

Actual Wage Rates Database (AWARD) - A repository of collective agreements that tracks minimum wages, providing unions with empirical evidence to inform collective bargaining.

LRS Wage Calculator - Know how much a percentage increase is an amount of money. Understand the effect of inflation on the wage increase.

The Negotiator's Guide - a guide to negotiating in a changing workplace

Key contact:

George Mthethwa | [email protected]

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