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Collective Bargaining Support

The Collective Bargaining Support Programme of Labour Research Service offers research, information and education to trade unions to support organising and bargaining activities.  We support trade unions in the following ways: 

Forums and workshops

We provide analysis of contemporary trends in collective bargaining through forums and workshops for shop stewards, organisers and officials of major trade unions in South Africa. Union representatives at LRS collective bargaining forums get up-to-date information on key bargaining benchmarks, as well as strategic advice. We aim to support unions to develop their capacities to engage in informed collective bargaining.

Bargaining for gender equity

We promote a gendered lens in collective bargaining and the development of women negotiators. To this end, we provide education and resources that assist unions in shaping gender-specific outcomes of collective bargaining in various ways, including supporting unions' gender units.

Online tools for workers

We create online resources and tools that are used by worker organisations and researchers. The resources include: AGREED and AWARD databases; Inflation Monitor publication (monthly); Bargaining Benchmarks publication (quarterly); Bargaining Indicators publication (annual).

Voices from the ground

Key resource: The Negotiator's Guide - a guide to negotiating in a changing workplace

Key resource: LRS Agreements Database (AGREED) - A repository of collective bargaining agreements

Key contact: Trenton Elsely | [email protected]

The National Skills Fund is our partner in the work seeking to promote informed social dialogue by addressing information and skills asymmetries in collective bargaining in South Africa.

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