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Gender Equality

How we define gender equality

"Gender equality refers to the enjoyment of equal rights, opportunities and treatment by women, girls and boys in all aspects of the life cycle. Gender equality in the world of work consists of two complementary elements: equality of opportunity and equality of treatment."

We go beyond this definition by working with the feminist theoretical analysis and approach of intersectionality, taking into account multiple overlapping and intersecting forms of discrimination, oppression and exploitation such as classism, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and ageism. 

We see gender mainstreaming as a strategy for achieving gender equality by taking into account the concerns and experiences of women and men in the design, implementation and evaluation of our work. We focus on the interrelationship between gender equality, organisational change and institutions or ‘rules of the game’ maintained by power dynamics, and frame our work as ‘creating cultures of gender equality’ rather than gender mainstreaming. Our organisational strategy, which explicitly targets gender equality and non-discrimination in six of the 17 outcomes, reflects our strong commitment to gender equality:

  • Trade union and civil society activists have an increased consciousness of gender and power relations;
  • Gender activists have improved strategies to access and use organisational resources;
  • Gender programmes in trade unions are better resourced;
  • Cultures of gender equality develop within the organisational culture of trade unions;
  • Trade Union and civil society activists develop gender sensitive policies, procedures and CBAs;
  • Trade unions pursue a diverse and inclusive membership base.

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Our focus

  • Bargaining for gender equality and equity
  • Women’s leadership development
  • Young women leadership development
  • Addressing gender-based violence (GBV) in workplaces and communities
  • Addressing diversity and inclusion in workplaces
  • Nurturing a vibrant network of gender activists
  • Research and networking

Voices from the ground

Key contact: Nina Benjamin | [email protected]

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